Current life members:
  • Steve Kilpatrick (2008)
  • Nadia Mellor (2009)
  • Len Foard (2011)
  • Julie Gollan-Foard (2012)
  • John Trevivian (2014)
  • Peter Hudec (2015)
  • David Gill (2015)
  • Scott Fraser (2016)
  • Fabrizio Andreoni (2016)
  • Heidi Poole (2017)
  • Alan Rodgers (2018)
  • Jo Smith (2018)
Major Event Winners

                                       Sprint Tri                                                           Olympic Distance

                              Male                Female                                            Male                   Female

2011                     Luke Preston           Julie Gollan-Foard             James Foran           Julie Gollan-Foard

2012                     Luke Preston           Kirsty Deacon                    Luke Preston           Julie Gollan-Foard

2013                    Nathan Rodgers       Julie Gollan-Foard             Alex Holbrook          Heidi Poole

2014                    Jesse Featonby        Kirsty Deacon                    John Baker              Heidi Poole

2015                    Jesse Featonby        Stacey Loccisano              Barry Bodsworth      Taryn Heather

2016                    Luke Baker                Taryn Heather                  Brad Kahlefeldt        Megan Weber

2017                    Damian Gillard          Kate Bramley                    Gerard Wild             Rachel Long

2018                    Calvin Amos            Stacey Barrot                   Adam Cartwright    Angela Sandral

AWTC Perpetual Trophies

President’s Award

Athlete of the Year



B. Macnee

Tony Zerbst



Steve Kilpatrick

Gary Smith



The McNabb Family

Julie Gollan-Foard



Erika Skerman

Jenny Mann



John Trevivian

John Guerin& Julie Gollan-Foard



Fabrizio Andreoni

David Lynch



John Trevivian

Julie Gollan-Foard



Bob Kaindl& Craig Wassink

Tim Berkel

Junior Athlete of the Year

Most Improved Athlete of the Year


The Visser Family

Tim Berkel

Jesse Featonby

Danielle Brennan


Lindsay Radcliffe

Sandy Hector

Danielle Brennan

Angus Lingham& Luke Visser


John Trevivivan

Julie Gollan-Foard

Angus Mackenzie

Darren Miles


Anne Visser

Julie Gollan-Foard

Corey St John

Steven King


Andrew Davey

Troy Megson

Fraser Grant

Peter McLean




Julie Boyd

David Gill

David Gill & David Jefferies

Fabrizio Andreoni

Julie Gollan-Foard

Luke Preston

Kirsty Deacon

Kirsty Deacon

Kirsty Deacon

Peter Hudec

Harrie Weatherall

Joanne Deacon


             Presidents Award      Athlete of the Year         Junior Athlete                           Most Improved

2013        Melinda Grigg        Heidi Poole                    Emily Crispin                                Tracey Foley
2014        Peter Hudec          Justin Godfrey              Nathan Rodgers                           Paddianne Archdale
2015       Jo Homer                John Bailey                    Caleb Therkildsen                         Angela Sandral

2016       Glenn Bowman       Justin Godfrey & John Bailey   Lucas Bladwell                David Jefferies
2017       Justin Godfrey        Damian Gillard             Lucas Bladwell & Alex Friere        Melinda & Jack Grigg

2018       Alan Rodgers           Damian Gillard            Jack Grigg                                       Laura Gillard & Sarah Kilner

2019       Hugh Fairman         Barry Bodsworth         Finn Nixon                                        Kim Summers

2020      Steve Peirce            Laura Gillard                Liam Willcox                                   Amanda Cohn


President’s Award:
AWTC long-term member (more than 5 years)who has made an outstanding contribution toward the function, management & performance of the club organisation and activities.Committee members can propose a nomination in confidence to the President. The winner is to be chosen by the President.


Athlete of the Year:
AWTC athlete who has been member for more than a year and has competed at a high level in either national, state or international events as well as in club events and has actively assisted in the organising of activities. Any club member can make a nomination.The winner is to be chosen by the committee.


Junior Athlete of the Year:
AWTC junior athlete, aged under 20, who has who has been member for more than a year and has competed at a high level in club events and has potential to, or has competed in, state or national events.Any club member can make a nomination.The winner is to be chosen by the committee.


Most Improved Athlete of the Year:
AWTC member who has been a member for more than a year and has consistently improved his/her performance in club championship events during the season. Any club member can make a nomination.The winner is to be chosen by the committee.


Life Membership:
Life membership is awarded to persons who have served the club with distinction over a period of time.